Of winter and New Year’s and BMPs, oh my!

Hi, I’m (insert name here) and I share my life with my loving spouse, my horse, three dogs, five cats and a llama when I am not in my city apartment. I spend my time writing this blog about (insert topic here) with all sorts of advertisers sponsoring me so I have to mention their products subtly in every post…yadayadayada

No – this is not that kind of blog!

I am not some twenty something or thirty something happy little housewife/chef/nutritionist/DIYer/perfect mother to kids and/or furkids who doesn’t need the income from the blog but is happy to milk it for whatever she can get.

This is a sixty something mildly bipolar widow with no kids, one aging cat, living in a 55+ community trailer, working two part-time minimum wage jobs that keep losing hours making bill paying a juggling act, which tends to be stressful and make me CRANKY!

Not to mention it is winter, Florida is not keeping me warm, as promised, my trailer has central air but no heat so I have space heaters which just take the worst of the chill off. After 10 years in the Catskills shoveling and paying for oil I hate the cold. Bah humbug!

In other words, welcome to the real world of the barely getting by, the borderline surviving, the ageing as gracefully as a limited income and diminishing interest in the process allows. IOW I don’t give a rats ass about aging gracefully – just want to stay healthy, since I can’t afford to get sick.

Welcome to my world, and if this isn’t what you came for or want to read – get offa my lawn!

As the meme says, I don’t know how to act my age – I’ve never been this old before! I am going to wear whatever I feel like, whether it be thrift store finery or a designer (me!) original, pulled together in whatever colorful, funky comfortable way I see fit. I am going to continue to maintain my purple and teal plumage (AKA hair colors) as long as I don’t have to change jobs to a place that pays well enough to be worth giving it up if they require it (my current jobs don’t care what color our hair is as long as it is clean and combed and shows up on time).


Surprise surprise surprise! 1) I actually stayed up to watch the ball drop in Times Square (online – got no TV), 2) the live feed actually stayed through the process (last time the feed fizzled and died just before midnight and came back about 5 minutes too late to be worth anything.) 3) There were actually 4 available live feeds, and after what happened last time I had all four running in different tabs. The so-called Livestream (the one I relied on last time) did it’s disappearing act exactly like last time. The Times Square official site and their Twitter feed got a little too funky to watch toward the end, but amazingly enough the TS Facebook feed ran smoothly through the ball drop and beyond – way to shatter expectations FB!


Last summer was a bad one for fleas – both my cat and I suffered as I tried ever escalating weapons to beat them back. From the ‘green’ methods – baking soda/salt/diatomaceous earth (in my case utterly ineffective – YMMV) to flea bombs (they laughed at it – I swear they laughed!). Bigger guns time – Black Flag – three cans over two days, and hours of airing out each time before we could go back inside. Improvement but in three days they were back – that stuff is supposed to kill eggs and larva too, but nooooo!

Finally gave up and went to an arms dealer – AKA Lowes pest control expert – who sold me a pump sprayer from Bayer a company I hate about as much as I hate Monsanto 😦   No choice – neither the cat nor I could keep getting used as a walking banquet. Day 2 – no fleas. Day 3 – no fleas. Week 2 – no fleas. Finally! Torn between relief and disgust at what it had taken to get there.

Now I tend to favor the natural life at home – AKA barefoot all the way up, AKA walking around in my skin. Unfortunately between breathing and ingesting lingering molecules of numerous pesticides in the air from the war, and the surfaces of all the furniture and of course the carpet and vinyl flooring, I knew I had taken a nasty dose of poisons. The cat was OK – she spent the war behind enemy lines in the screen room, but I could feel the nastiness in my system. Did a little reading and realized I had the solution in the house – diatomaceous earth.

Every morning I was already sipping sole* first thing while the coffee brewed and the cat was being fed and litter boxes cleaned. Upon inquiry I determined that I could combine my existing morning ritual with the DE to help detox me, so now my morning glass of slightly salty water has a spoonful of what amounts to clean dirt stirred in – hence the nickname the BMP – Brackish Mud Puddle. Sounds silly, but within days I was feeling better, and since I am exposed to more than the usual daily dose of toxins at both jobs I have chosen to include it daily. Cheap and effective.

*(pronouced so-lay – look it up – great stuff if you want the trains to run on time)


Somewhere along the way, in one of my posts (have to go back and re-read them myself – at my age I don’t want to be repeating myself LOL), I think I mentioned that this blog is not going to be a political forum. I stand by that, whether I said it already or not. From time to time I may make note of something going on which pleases or (more likely) angers me, but in light of the vast wealth of political insanity going on currently I shall attempt to keep this a little haven, outside the fray… mostly. Instead I shall let Piet Hein speak for me


I see
and I hear
and I speak no evil;
I carry
no malice
within my breast;
yet quite without
a man to the Devil
one may be
to hope for the best.

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