The more things change….

My trailer, my neighborhood and I all survived Hurricane Irma, with nothing more than a lot of small branches down and positive drifts of Spanish moss to clear away. Blessings duly counted, as it could have been so much worse. Puerto Rico suffered badly and is still suffering, first from the storm, then from the arrogant neglect by our current White House occupant 😦  But this blog is not now and never will be a political forum, so moving on.

Still struggling with fleas and mosquitoes – the county spraying program a few weeks back, after Irma – killed more mosquito-eaters than mosquitoes, and now they have begun a major comeback as I expected. In the meantime the drier weather has not helped as much as I might have hoped, and now my flea infestation has also rebounded, leaving both Nova cat and me scratching and miserable. Much as I hate to do it I am going to have to spray again. Good thing I have lots of DE, as I am going to need to continue detoxing myself for a few more weeks.

Also good because I am not sure when I will be able to afford to buy more. My formerly full time job is now part time, putting a big hole in my finances. Happily my other part time job manager has shown a willingness to give me more hours, which, while it will not fully make up for the loss, will at least narrow the gap somewhat. Blessings being counted!

On a much more positive note, Hurricane Irma did me a huge favor. It reintroduced me to a casual acquaintance I had barely gotten to know before our separate lives got in the way. R invited me to spend the duration of the storm with her in her new-construction poured cement apartment building – with my cat – a much safer situation than alone in my trailer. I accepted and we hit it off like gangbusters! Her elderly beagle effectively ignored my elderly cat and vice versa, she and I discovered we had much in common and we effectively laughed our way through the storm and the power outage and are now fast friends. I adore her dog, she used Nova’s gentle nature to help overcome her fear of cats, and we get together a couple times a week to chat, watch movies, go on jaunts and generally do what friends do. When we are not together we keep in touch by messenger, but not obsessively, so it is not oppressive  just fun.

We seem to have the capacity to help each other through our individual spells of depression by giving each other the sort of common sense advice we each need to hear. It has been healthy for both of us – I work to keep her from self-administered guilt trips, she reminds me that taking care of myself is a good thing, and we both encourage each other to get up and do things even when we are feeling lazy and down.

As a result, yesterday I finally did something I had been procrastinating about for weeks. I pulled out the under-bed storage bags of cool weather clothing and sorted it into piles, along with current clothing, based on size – I gained some weight over the past year and some of the clothes don’t fit at the moment – suitability for the coming season, and items I just don’t see myself ever wanting to wear again, for donation or trash depending on condition.

Bagged or put away the clothes as required, then stripped and dismantled the bed. Used linen to the laundry pile, risers under the bed legs, fresh linen on the bed, summer weight comforter into storage, winter comforter onto the bed, clothing bags under the bed in the newly expanded space.

It was no piece of cake either – it took almost half an hour to put the bed back together, because every time I tried to put the box spring back onto the frame it would fall off the risers (lots of creative and not so creative cussing ensued). It was really a two person job, one on each side to lift it on, but since I had no available help I persevered until I succeeded. Bam! It reminds me of the installation of the stove vent fan – another two person job that I managed on my own thankyouverymuch! LOL

Yay!!! The bedroom is now (relatively) neat, and I feel I accomplished something for a change instead of napping my Saturday away. The dresser top still needs work, but baby steps – the room looks much better. I slept better too, in my newly lifted bed, knowing I had done what I set out to do.

Unusually, for Florida based on the past couple years experience, Autumn has arrived on calendar schedule and with an awfully chilly attitude! Down into the 40s at night, 70s to low 80s by day. Only a high of about 65 expected today. After consistent 90s by day and 80s at night it is pleasant – especially for sleeping – but really, a little easing into cooler weather would have been nice. Oh well, I just hope this is not indicative of a bitter long winter, that is not what I moved to Florida for. In the past few years this didn’t happen until the end of December. BRRR! LOL – my blood seems to have thinned since moving south – this would have been Halcyon Autumn weather in the Catskills 😉


Ah well, enough for now – another of my goals achieved – not letting months go by without logging a post here. Yay me!



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