Uh oh

Just when I was starting to think September was going to bring cooler weather, and with it more opportunities to get outside and be active, Mother Nature threw me a curve ball. First Hurricane Harvey made a gigantic mess of coastal Texas, now Irma is barreling down the chute seemingly aimed right for Florida. Currently churning up a swath of the Caribbean, chewing up beautiful flyspeck islands best known as tourist attractions – but people live there too – and this is a bad one – 186 MPH sustained winds! That’s enough to scour some of those islands down to nothing!  Next on Irma’s hit list appears to be Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo/Haiti and Cuba. Again, these may be bigger islands, but the people are mostly poor, living in conditions that would be considered wretched on a good day, and when Irma hits it is not going to be good.

After that is where the guessing game has yet to get a clear lead. It could veer north, as so many have in the past, brush the coast and continue to oblivion in the cooler waters of the northern Atlantic – best case scenario. It could continue straight ahead and impact close to the Mexican/Texas border and rain down hell on the folks just starting to shake off the shock of Harvey. Not a pretty picture. Or it could split the difference and barrel right into South Florida then follow the coast up the Gulf and whale away on the west coast. Or it could angle up slightly, hit Florida squarely and cross diagonally right into my back yard. Either of these two options could result in my being effectively homeless if it hits full strength. We have had so much rain over the past month that the water table is high and the ground is soft as a sponge. Even assuming there is no flooding in my inland region, the two huge trees in my yard have no solid ground to hold onto, and the wind could easily drop one or both on my trailer or either of two neighbor trailers, depending on wind direction and root structure.

Now, it being Tuesday evening, the best guess is we won’t know until Friday at the earliest what Irma might do, so all I or anyone else in Florida, can do is wait and make plans for the different contingencies. If it turns north, even if we get brushed by the edges I can foresee hunkering down and waiting it out. If it beelines straight across the Gulf it more than likely will have little to no effect on us other than watching in horror as Texas gets chewed up again.

But if it looks to be a direct hit calling for evacuation, I will throw my most important stuff, along with clothes and whatever else I deem necessary, and hightail it to Georgia to stay with my Aunt until it blows over. At that point I will make the long haul back and see if I still have a home. If it is still there and livable, then live in it is what I will do. If it has been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable more than likely I will turn around and head right back to Georgia to figure out what to do next.  Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst – what else is there to do?

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OK, now where was I?

Good grief, the more things change…..

Well, since the last blog I started somehow vanished into the maw of Tumblr, and I have decided to start posting (however irregularly) again, I guess it is time to put this one back into use. In point of fact it had gotten such brief use that I had quite forgotten about it and was going to start afresh, but when I opened WP and logged in lo and behold, there was this poor neglected scrap with a perfect title already in place 😉

Well, the place I had been so excited about moving into with my friend could have been everything I had hoped for, but…. Lets just say my former friend and I parted ways, she got the paradise-to-be and I moved on to a very nice trailer in a 55+ community with pleasant neighbors, reasonable lot rent and a cat.

It is a bit harder to change a trailer than a house, so I am having to get creative about things like storage (limited space and too much stuff). Happily I am creative, and also willing to let some of the excess stuff go. I am nowhere near the Zen space I once dreamed of, but the pseudo-Victorian/Steampunk vibe is coming along nicely. Slightly (coffcoff) cluttered, but fun and funky 😉

Happy to say my internal refurbishing is coming along as well. Just as I did after my widowhood, post blowup with my friend I went into a yearlong funk, though nobody around me could have told – pretty good at faking normal after all those years married to a schizo Peter Pan. So I went through the drinking too much, eating poorly and gaining back a bunch of the weight I had taken off during my 1 1/2 years hard labor AKA indentured servitude at the homestead.

After I realized recently just how far I had let myself fall I declared independence from my demons on the 4th of July – apt and not an accident, as now I will always have the holiday as a reminder if I backslide. Since then I only allow myself any sort of alcohol on nights when I do not have to go to work the next day, and sometimes I don’t even bother then – skipped it last night!  Yay me!

My diet needs a bit more of a nudge, and I need to get more active (hard in this Florida summer heat), but actually with excess alcohol out of the picture, even after only 10 days I can already feel a difference. Not quite as bloaty and certainly more clear headed. Lots of hearty salad lunches, more chicken than red meat, and almost nothing processed.

Of course I do make exceptions – all things in moderation, including moderation. I keep salsa and frozen burritos in the fridge at work for emergencies like when I forget or don’t have time to get salad makings, or just need something more satisfying and substantial.  They have also made me a good friend in a coworker who frequently forgets her lunch or simply needs to spend her money on feeding her kids. I figure I can spare a couple burritos for the cause.

So, yeah, I am going to start this again, try to update at least once a week, but who knows – I may wind up blathering daily or monthly. Since I do not expect followers, as this is primarily a place for me to vent, it hardly matters I guess.

If someone actually finds this and reads it, fair warning – this is not going to be carefully crafted for your reading pleasure. It will from time to time contain anything from vituperous rants about crappy drivers, to cuddly cooing about my lovely cat Nova, to discourses on whatever I happen to be reading or watching – all bets are off!

Caveat Lector!!

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OK – now there is a reason!

Well, it looks like we have found our new home – should have the paperwork signed and official by the end of next month – and we may also have found a buyer for the old place as well! Crossing fingers and saying a multitude of ‘pretty please’s and ‘thank you’s to the universe! Now to get really serious about the de-cluttering and packing! Act as if it is happening and it will! 😉


Oh yeah – and WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! 😉

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Another day, another blog – and no real reason

This is getting ridiculous – I’m on my 5th – or is it 6th – blog, and I barely have time to read much less post. Oh well, so it goes. My bills are behind and getting behinder all the time, no new income in the foreseeable future, so hey, kids, lets put on a blog! <sigh>

Oh well. Back to de-cluttering – at least if I get rid of enough stuff I’ll have a clear place to fall over if I find I’ve won the lottery 😉

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