OK – now there is a reason!

Well, it looks like we have found our new home – should have the paperwork signed and official by the end of next month – and we may also have found a buyer for the old place as well! Crossing fingers and saying a multitude of ‘pretty please’s and ‘thank you’s to the universe! Now to get really serious about the de-cluttering and packing! Act as if it is happening and it will! 😉


Oh yeah – and WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!! 😉

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Another day, another blog – and no real reason

This is getting ridiculous – I’m on my 5th – or is it 6th – blog, and I barely have time to read much less post. Oh well, so it goes. My bills are behind and getting behinder all the time, no new income in the foreseeable future, so hey, kids, lets put on a blog! <sigh>

Oh well. Back to de-cluttering – at least if I get rid of enough stuff I’ll have a clear place to fall over if I find I’ve won the lottery 😉

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